Monday, May 18, 2009

Becky and Jeff's Visit

Becky and her boyfriend Jeff came for a 2 day visit this past weekend. It was great to have them here and the only regret about there stay is that it wasn't longer. We first met Jeff in December just before Sean went into the MTC and we didn't get to know him much on one brief meeting.
This weekend made up for that. Wes and I were able to spend time talking with Jeff, learning a bit more about him and how he feels towards Becky. They are both in love and it is nice to see how they care for each other and the love and respect they show one another. Sunday afternoon we made a trek to the Rose Garden here in Portland. Now this Garden usually is full of roses of every color by now...the aromas and colors are wonderful..BUT...this year everything is green! No flowers, tiny buds but not one rose in bloom! I must admit it seemed kind of strange. We were able to find some other flowers and trees in bloom and we got some pictures.

Bethany also liked getting to know Jeff a bit better and she enjoyed spending time with Becky...talking about dance and her upcoming dance recital...we were able to snap a photo of the two of them together...don't they look a lot a like? Bethany is the little sister that Becky always knew she was going to have. They are 9 years apart in age but I think over time they will grow closer.

When my girls and boys were little I sometimes thought of how it would be when they grew up. Often I was too busy taking care of little things they needed and before I knew it I realized.."oh my gosh...look at them...they are growing up!" I remember a friend in our Ward once saying "oh enjoy them now, they grow up way too fast." When Margie said this I actually said to her "really?" I think part of being a Mom is that you don't see how quickly that time goes and how quickly your children grow and change till suddenly it hits you. Well, at least that is how it has been for me. I love my kids and am thankful for their love for one another...even when there have been times that I have wondered if they even liked each other. I love this photo of Bethany with Becky and I ...they both look so grown up...I guess I am getting sentimental :)

This weekend was great. Portland couldn't have been nicer. We had warm sunny days. Perfect to be outside and enjoy each other and spend time together. We made sure to take a trip over to the Temple on Sunday afternoon. The Temple grounds were beautiful. Bryan had fun sitting and playing by the reflective pond.

Becky and Jeff left early this evening for their road trip back to Utah. I am glad for these little moments when we could all be together. It makes you appreciate your kids more and more and realize that they are not really living at home with you for very long. Yet I guess that is how it is supposed to be

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Two Wonderful Mothers

I have been a Mom now for many years. I never really appreciated all my Mom did for me or my brother and sister until I had my own children. I guess I was a lot like many teenagers and often didn't see beyond myself and what I needed or wanted. Yet even as a teenager I always remember wanting to be around my Mom. I remember many adults who admired or looked up to my Mom. She was a leader in our small town and I count myself lucky and blessed that she is my Mom. Someone who I have been able to go to with simple questions and complex ones as well. Even when I told her that I wanted to change religions and become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and no longer be Catholic. ( I was 13 at the time). I remember her concern and yet her love for me. She eventually allowed me to attend and she was the first to tell me that the LDS Church was making me a better person. I trusted and valued her opinion. She has always been a great model of what a Mom should be and I am always thankful for her endless and unconditional love that she has had for all of her kids and grandkids. I count myself lucky and blessed that Mom is still on this earth. Her own Mom died at a very young age and she has missed having her Mother in her life. Mom, I love you...thank you so much for your influence in my life.

The other Mom I would like to talk about is my Mother in law. Emma Whitnah is an amazing woman. Is there anything she can't do? I don't think so. She can cook anything and make it taste delicious. She plays piano, fiddle, accordian. She loves to dance and sing. She knows how to do floral arranging as well as decorate cakes. When I first married Wes I felt overwhelmed by her. She could do just about anything and I felt so inadequate around her. Over the years I have realized that I shouldn't have worried at all. She loves all her sons and grandkids. This past nine months have been hard for her..she lost the love of her life in August of 08 and once again I saw her strength come through. I am sure she has had countless hours of hidden sorrow since then. Yet Emma keeps on doing so much for so many. I am not surprised. She is truly a great woman and I am thankful to have her as my Mother in law.