Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Becky and Jeff's Visit

This past week Becky and Jeff paid us a visit from Utah. It was great to see them! I hadn't seen Becky since she found out she was pregnant and to see her little belly and all and feel little Ryan moving around in side of her was fun. I have had 5 kids of my own and I still remember how it felt to have a little baby moving and kicking inside of you. It really is a miracle. I took every advantage to place my hand on Becky's belly when he moved :)
Lacey Coakley, a long time school and church friend threw Becky a baby shower while she was here. She was able to get some cute little boy clothes...or should I say, "little man" clothes. That is what Ryan will be, her little man. On Saturday we took off to Tillamook and then to Rockaway Beach. It was beautiful that day. With Oregon you just never know what the weather will be like at the coast, we lucked out. It was sunny the whole time and warm. Bryan loved the beach! There is something about nature that brings out excitement in him. He stimmed like crazy.But it was all great
You can tell by Bryan's hair that the wind was blowing pretty good, I love the rock in the background of this picture, it makes me think of lockness.
Bethany was busy with her camera taking some magical pictures as well. She is fantastic with photography, one of favorite things to do. I was able to capture a nice picture of Becky and Bethany together though. Bethany was glad to see her big sister that she hadn't seen in nearly a year.
and this photo at the coast is probably one of my favorites.
Robbie took Bryan to the coast in his truck, buying Bryan a monster drink to have on the if Bryan needed anything else to make him hyper. Bryan loved both the drink and riding to the coast and back with his big brother. It was great to have nearly everyone there.
Another photo at the restaurant we ate at, Robbie wasn't too crazy about the place so he walked to McDonalds and ate something else but came back to share some of Bryan's scone.
I was glad to spend some time with my daughter Becky. With her living in Utah and not getting to see her or visit with her as much as I used to made this trip extra special.

The next time I see Becky and Jeff they will be holding their little Ryan in their arms. Exciting yet busy times ahead for the both of them!I am sure they will make good parents and will be as ready as ever for the challenge ahead