Saturday, October 16, 2010

so much has happened since i last wrote on my blog. I am a Gramma, I will become a Mother in Law for the second time next summer when Robbie gets married. I am still a missionary mom but not for much longer. Sean is due to return home from his mission in Germany Frankfurt on December 30th!
Just a few things that happened this summer. Bryan and I took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit my Mom. We left the week after school was out and returned to Oregon on July 8th. It was nice to visit Mom. I would be lying if I didn't mention how much I missed seeing my Dad. It just seemed so strange without him there. Mom is doing pretty well, she's a strong women and someone I've always admired. As hard as this has been for her she is always helping others out and is staying involved in the community, which is really good. Bryan and I went camping with Gramma and the rest of my family for a week at Allegany State Park. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold, other than one night where we had a crazy thunder storm, the week went well. It was nice to visit with cousins and my sisters and brother along with other family members.
Our last day of camp, 2 older cousins came from Michigan to visit. They stayed through the 5th of July. I hadn't seen these cousins in over 30 years. It was nice to get reaquainted with them.
Here are just a few pictures of camping.Bryan enjoyed visiting with his Aunts and Uncles and cousins. Here he is with Aunt Mary :) Gramma got Jack to pop some popcorn over the fire this year. He did a good job, it tasted great!My cousin Larry and his 5 grandkids there most of the week, they are such cute kids. It was fun to see them run around and play. It wasn't that long ago that my kids were that age and doing the same thing. Overall Bryan and I had a great time visiting family in PA and NY
While we were in PA visiting. Bethany was off to Girls Camp for 1 week and the week after that was off to EFY. She told me it was by far her most favorite time at EFY yet. She had a blast. At girls camp she was able to be a counselor over the 1st and 2nd year girls, that is something she looked forward to and had fun planning with the other counselors what they would do.
While I was in Pennsylvania visiting my family, Robbie met a great young girl named Tessa. They met at at FHE (Family Home Evening) activity. I got home on the 8th adn met Tessa on the 9th. She is perfect for Robbie. He has been working as a plumber and they both are planning a summer wedding in 2011. In July we headed to the beach. Bethany brought along her friend Marissa Thompson and Robbie came down with Tessa for a day. I love the beach. It's always so relaxing. We found a nice beach house to stay in at Pacific City, Oregon. After spending a day in Lincoln City shopping (something that Bethany and Marissa especially enjoyed) we headed to the beach home. We were there about 3 days. I would have loved to have stayed longer. It was really nice.
One night we had a fire at the beach, it was great.
On Wes and my 27th wedding anniversary Becky went into labor and little Ryan Louis Boudrero made his appearance. What a memorable day! I wasn't able to be in Utah when Becky had Ryan but I made it there 4 days later. I stayed with Becky and helped any way I could. Lucky Becky...she lost ALL her pregnancy weight within less than 2 weeks. Then again, she only gained 18 pounds. Ryan weighed in at 6 lbs 10 oz and was 21 inches long. Grampa Whitnah loved holding his first grandson, so sweet! Bryan was pretty excited to be an uncle, even though he was a little unsure how to hold Ryan he did just fine!Bethany also relished in being an Aunt. Ryan loved it when Bethany held him. And of course I couldn't hold the little guy enough! He is such a sweetie. The only thing I wish is that Becky and Jeff lived closer so we could see them as well as litte Ryan more often. They are doing well and are adjusting to being parents and little Ryan is growing like a weed. He just had his 2 month check up and he already weighs 13lbs 3ounces. He's more than doubled his birth weight.
The new parents..they are very happy.