Thursday, December 22, 2011

The year in review

“Christmas time is here. Happiness and cheer, fun for all, that children call, their favorite time of year.” Charlie Brown Christmas
I love this time of year, I think it brings out the child in all of us. I love seeing homes decorated with lights, putting up the Christmas tree, making home made goodies for friends and neighbors, singing beautiful hymns that remind us all the reason we celebrate Christmas-Christ.
Wes continues to work in the high tech field. His company was sold last year and went from being Thomson Group to Grass Valley Group. He was given the opportunity to move up to a manager with his work. To be honest, it was not a position he desired but rather that his work wanted him there. Wes has always liked being involved in the development and creation phases of products. He tries to still keep his hand in that part of his job along with his new duties.
In August of last year Becky and Jeff became parents, which made Wes and I grandparents! Ryan Louis Boudrero was born on our 27th wedding anniversary. A nice gift to say the least. Ryan is now 16 months old. We love hearing his voice over the phone and enjoy skyping with him and Becky over the internet. What a sweetie he is. Becky earned her second bachelors in May with a degree in Speech. She has been busily working with schools and researching in hopes to be selected for the Master’s program in speech at Utah State in February. Keep your fingers crossed that she gets in. Jeff is continuing to work and go to school. He is a wonderful son in law and a great daddy.  Becky and Jeff reside in Logan, Utah
This was a big year of change for Robbie. Last year he began dating a beautiful, blonde haired girl named Tessa. Wes and I could tell early on that she was pretty special. They became engaged in August of 2010 and were married on August 27th of this year. They had a wonderful wedding and reception. Both my Mom and Emma, Wes’ Mom along with other family members and friends were there to celebrate their big day. Robbie is a plumber. He is attending plumbing school and when he graduates he’ll be a journeymen plumber. Tessa works in sales at the Mall and plans to continue her schooling this upcoming year. They recently added an addition to their family. A cute little beagle named Minnie.
Robbie and Tessa reside here in Beaverton, Oregon…we’re glad they are so close.
Sean returned from his mission in Germany on December 30th of last year. He had a wonderful time there! Those 2 years flew by fast for him. He is currently attending BYU and works at the MTC bookstore. He is adjusting to college life and trying to decide what to major in. He had thought about dentistry before his mission but now realizes that is not for him. Sean is looking forward to Christmas break when he gets to go back to Germany for 2 weeks along with his Dad and his Uncle Don. It will be a quiet Christmas at our home but definitely a great father/son time for Sean and Wes 
Bethany is a senior this year at Aloha. I can NOT believe that! I don’t know where the past 12 years have gone. She is having a fun year. She loves to dance, sing, take pictures, and enjoys being on yearbook at school. She has this bubbly personality and I enjoy doing things with her. I will miss her next year when she heads off to school. She is hoping to get accepted into either BYU-Idaho or LDS Business College. She is still weighing her options. So much to think about when you are a senior!
Bryan began his freshman year at Aloha. He is doing GREAT. This year he is in a classroom with 20 other students. His 2 teachers do a fantastic job and Bryan is learning a great deal. He is continuing his singing in the Aloha HS choir and he enjoys it a lot. He will turn 16 this month; he is super excited for it. Bryan LOVES to attend the Church dances. He has a fun time and usually dances every single dance. It’s fun to see his excitement and love of life!
Wes and I were asked to head up a girl’s high adventure this summer. With the theme “Journey to Higher Ground” we organized a two day activity that involved service, fun and hard work. There were many lessons learned through service at the forestry center in Tillamook, fun and games at the beach and climbing Kings Mountain the following day. This definitely showed the girls that they could do hard things and could push on and do their best.
We hope this Christmas season finds you well and happy. With much love, The Whitnahs, Wes, Grace, Bethany and Bryan