Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An update on us

I haven't written on my blog in some time.  So, just a quick catch up of what is going on.  I began working as a every kitchen worker at Hazeldale School in September.  I had been subbing through out the District and didn't really mind that.  I must admit though, now that I have a regular school, it's close to home, and all of my kids attended grade school there, I am liking it.  I began cooking about 2 weeks ago.  I have never had to cook for SO many kids.  I would be lying if I didn't say I was overwhelmed some.  But, I am taking it day by day and enjoy working at a Grade school with young kids. 

Robbie and Tessa will soon have their baby boy.  He is due on December 7th. They are going to name him Duke Alan Whitnah.  I bet he'll be such a handsome little guy.  With both Tessa and Robbie's dark brown eyes and their great smiles, I  just know he'll be a cutie.  It will be nice having another grand baby, and one that lives closer to us. 

We are heading to Utah for Thanksgiving.  It will be the first trip to Utah since we picked up Bethany from LDSBC in April.  We will be staying with Shelly and Don Whitnah in their new home in Highland Utah.  It's fairly close to Lehi and American Fork, Utah.  I'm excited to venture down to Utah and spend time with them as well as with my grandson Ryan and Becky and Jeff and well as spend time with Emma, Wes' Mom and with Sean.  Sean will celebrate his 24th birthday the day after Thanksgiving.  It should be fun to spend that day with him. 

Bethany has been on her mission for 6+ months already!  I can't get over how FAST the months have flown by.  She is our 4th missionary to serve a mission and I don't remember the months going by as quickly before with our other 3 who served.  If anything, the first 6 months seemed to go slower.  Before I know it, she'll be home. 

Bryan has had a fun time this year so far.  He took part in Aloha HS's XC sport.  He had fun running and practicing running each day.  He also was accepted into Concert Choir.  THAT is his favorite class of the day!  He just loves to sing and learn new music.  In October the Choirs had their Fall choir concert.  Bryan did a great job and he especially loved dressing up in a tux and all.  He looked pretty sharp!

I will try and post of few photos of Bryan from XC and Choir.  This first photo is with Bryan after his XC meet at Aloha.  Steve Ryan, a good friend and Bryan's speech therapist came to watch him race.  It was a great day for that.  They hadn't seen each other since July. 
 Here is a photo of Bryan after his first Choir Concert.  He was one happy guy, that's for sure!