Monday, July 20, 2009

September Wedding

I could tell when I first met Jeff Boudrero that he was someone special. Someone that our daughter Becky has grown little by little, step by step, in love with. I think I knew even after a month of the 2 of them dating that he was "the one" for her. There were others she had dated or liked but he was the one she could share her whole heart with. It has been fun over the past several months to see through her eyes and remember how it feels to find the person that you want to share your life with.
Becky met Jeff on a blind date. How common is that? Jeff's good friend Nathan who worked with Becky introduced them. Nathan was a friend of Jeff's since he was about 8 years old. The 2 of them grew up in Layton Utah. Becky never wanted to marry a guy from Utah. She had ideas of what she wanted and when she wanted to get married...funny how that works out :) He has a calming influence on her. I have seen it as well as most of her friends. Becky is beaming and her outlook on her life has changed so much.
Becky let her friends know on June 25th via facebook that she was engaged. facebook is a great way for friends who lives close by or thousands of miles a part to keep in touch and share life. Many have posted their congratulations and "who is it?" and when is the date and where? They will be getting married September 19th in the Portland Temple. Becky thought of getting married in Utah but she really didn't want to, she always wanted to marry here in Portland. Jeff told her "we are going to get married in your Temple". He wanted their day to be at a Temple that she loved.
Becky has been very organized, as usual, and has nearly every thing set for her day...from the flowers she wants to the colors for her wedding and so forth. She is in Utah and will be until September 10th and what I can get done here I do for her so it will all work out for her day..even down to what she wants her flowers to be like...this sorta the look she's going for..maybe a tad bit different.
and her cake, well this what she's aiming for..minus the red flowers..on top...
It's an exciting time of life for her and I am so happy for her and the decisions she has made thus far that have led her to this worthy man who is worthy of her and that the two of them have their lives ahead of them to learn and love and grow together

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scout Camp 2009 with Troop 888

Bryan and Wes returned a couple days ago from a week long Scout Camp on the Oregon Coast. This year the scouts stayed at Camp Meriwether. This is a beautiful scout camp where the boys can often earn merit badges related to ocean life that they couldn't earn at camps farther in land. Bryan had a fun time and was able to earn 2 badges as well as half of the requirements for a third badge. There were several 12-13 year old boys that attended camp this year...hats off to our great scoutmaster David Sellers! David put a ton of work into this long before camp even happened and alot of work into it for the entire week. Wes and Mike Painter also attended for the entire week and the 3 adults had as much fun as the kids did.I think Bryan's favorite part of scout camp, other than daily trips to the beach were climbing the rock wall. Can you tell by the smile on his face how stoked he is to climb? He did a great job climbing...He was able to get more than half way up the wall before he decided it might be better to be down on the ground. Great effort Bryan!
The food might now always have been the greatest but over all the boys made the best of it and they had a fun time together...the dessert were always a hit. By the end of the week most of the boys and the leaders were pretty tired and ready to come home for a nice warm shower, home cooked meal and a good sleep in their own beds. The dirt on their clothes, faces and everywhere in between! The whole group including the leaders
Will Bryan want to go to scout camp next summer? You betcha he will! He can hardly wait. I don't know if it will be at Meriwether like this year but where ever it is the boys and the "adult boys" will have fun. Here are just a few more photos I wanted to add.
Happy camping!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Sweet 16 Bethany

16 years ago today an Angel entered my life. She has brought so much joy and laughter to our home so many times...I couldn't even write enough to describe her. She's funny, she will act out what happened at some funny event and leave us in stitches. Like most girls her age she in non-stop talk but that's okay..I love her for it.
She is tender hearted and touched by many sad things that have occurred lately in her life. The death of dear friends and the sadness she feels as she misses them. Just a couple weeks ago after attending a boys funeral that she knew she told me "Mom...if I die, these are the pictures I want you display at my funeral." She said it so calmly and matter a fact like that all I could do was say "Okay"...just as she did. Oh her heart is big and she feels so much!
Bethany is SO EXCITED to be able to date now. She is wondering who will be the first boy to ask her out. Bethany's friend Alina and her already have great plans for amazing group dates. They are having fun thinking about it.
Happy Birthday Bethany...I love you bunches.