Saturday, October 16, 2010

so much has happened since i last wrote on my blog. I am a Gramma, I will become a Mother in Law for the second time next summer when Robbie gets married. I am still a missionary mom but not for much longer. Sean is due to return home from his mission in Germany Frankfurt on December 30th!
Just a few things that happened this summer. Bryan and I took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit my Mom. We left the week after school was out and returned to Oregon on July 8th. It was nice to visit Mom. I would be lying if I didn't mention how much I missed seeing my Dad. It just seemed so strange without him there. Mom is doing pretty well, she's a strong women and someone I've always admired. As hard as this has been for her she is always helping others out and is staying involved in the community, which is really good. Bryan and I went camping with Gramma and the rest of my family for a week at Allegany State Park. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold, other than one night where we had a crazy thunder storm, the week went well. It was nice to visit with cousins and my sisters and brother along with other family members.
Our last day of camp, 2 older cousins came from Michigan to visit. They stayed through the 5th of July. I hadn't seen these cousins in over 30 years. It was nice to get reaquainted with them.
Here are just a few pictures of camping.Bryan enjoyed visiting with his Aunts and Uncles and cousins. Here he is with Aunt Mary :) Gramma got Jack to pop some popcorn over the fire this year. He did a good job, it tasted great!My cousin Larry and his 5 grandkids there most of the week, they are such cute kids. It was fun to see them run around and play. It wasn't that long ago that my kids were that age and doing the same thing. Overall Bryan and I had a great time visiting family in PA and NY
While we were in PA visiting. Bethany was off to Girls Camp for 1 week and the week after that was off to EFY. She told me it was by far her most favorite time at EFY yet. She had a blast. At girls camp she was able to be a counselor over the 1st and 2nd year girls, that is something she looked forward to and had fun planning with the other counselors what they would do.
While I was in Pennsylvania visiting my family, Robbie met a great young girl named Tessa. They met at at FHE (Family Home Evening) activity. I got home on the 8th adn met Tessa on the 9th. She is perfect for Robbie. He has been working as a plumber and they both are planning a summer wedding in 2011. In July we headed to the beach. Bethany brought along her friend Marissa Thompson and Robbie came down with Tessa for a day. I love the beach. It's always so relaxing. We found a nice beach house to stay in at Pacific City, Oregon. After spending a day in Lincoln City shopping (something that Bethany and Marissa especially enjoyed) we headed to the beach home. We were there about 3 days. I would have loved to have stayed longer. It was really nice.
One night we had a fire at the beach, it was great.
On Wes and my 27th wedding anniversary Becky went into labor and little Ryan Louis Boudrero made his appearance. What a memorable day! I wasn't able to be in Utah when Becky had Ryan but I made it there 4 days later. I stayed with Becky and helped any way I could. Lucky Becky...she lost ALL her pregnancy weight within less than 2 weeks. Then again, she only gained 18 pounds. Ryan weighed in at 6 lbs 10 oz and was 21 inches long. Grampa Whitnah loved holding his first grandson, so sweet! Bryan was pretty excited to be an uncle, even though he was a little unsure how to hold Ryan he did just fine!Bethany also relished in being an Aunt. Ryan loved it when Bethany held him. And of course I couldn't hold the little guy enough! He is such a sweetie. The only thing I wish is that Becky and Jeff lived closer so we could see them as well as litte Ryan more often. They are doing well and are adjusting to being parents and little Ryan is growing like a weed. He just had his 2 month check up and he already weighs 13lbs 3ounces. He's more than doubled his birth weight.
The new parents..they are very happy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Becky and Jeff's Visit

This past week Becky and Jeff paid us a visit from Utah. It was great to see them! I hadn't seen Becky since she found out she was pregnant and to see her little belly and all and feel little Ryan moving around in side of her was fun. I have had 5 kids of my own and I still remember how it felt to have a little baby moving and kicking inside of you. It really is a miracle. I took every advantage to place my hand on Becky's belly when he moved :)
Lacey Coakley, a long time school and church friend threw Becky a baby shower while she was here. She was able to get some cute little boy clothes...or should I say, "little man" clothes. That is what Ryan will be, her little man. On Saturday we took off to Tillamook and then to Rockaway Beach. It was beautiful that day. With Oregon you just never know what the weather will be like at the coast, we lucked out. It was sunny the whole time and warm. Bryan loved the beach! There is something about nature that brings out excitement in him. He stimmed like crazy.But it was all great
You can tell by Bryan's hair that the wind was blowing pretty good, I love the rock in the background of this picture, it makes me think of lockness.
Bethany was busy with her camera taking some magical pictures as well. She is fantastic with photography, one of favorite things to do. I was able to capture a nice picture of Becky and Bethany together though. Bethany was glad to see her big sister that she hadn't seen in nearly a year.
and this photo at the coast is probably one of my favorites.
Robbie took Bryan to the coast in his truck, buying Bryan a monster drink to have on the if Bryan needed anything else to make him hyper. Bryan loved both the drink and riding to the coast and back with his big brother. It was great to have nearly everyone there.
Another photo at the restaurant we ate at, Robbie wasn't too crazy about the place so he walked to McDonalds and ate something else but came back to share some of Bryan's scone.
I was glad to spend some time with my daughter Becky. With her living in Utah and not getting to see her or visit with her as much as I used to made this trip extra special.

The next time I see Becky and Jeff they will be holding their little Ryan in their arms. Exciting yet busy times ahead for the both of them!I am sure they will make good parents and will be as ready as ever for the challenge ahead

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bethany's First Prom

Last Saturday Bethany attended her first Prom. The Church has begun holding Stake Proms and they have been such a success! First off the music is good, no "weird" dancing that kids have to deal with as well as girls and guys are dressed modest and they ALL have a fun time. Bethany was called by the Stake to help with the Prom and she absolutely LOVED being involved! With her attention to details and her love of music and fun everything she did helped the rest of the group work together to get so much done. It was great and she loved it! Bethany wanted to go and just have fun and so she and Lance Barfuss went was great...they are 2 good friends and they along with many there had a great time.

Of course a dance wouldn't be a dance if she didn't hang out some with her BFF Alina. Alina and Bethany were beaming and had so much fun!
The theme of the dance was "An Evening in NYC" From a crystal chandelier to a small central park and Statue of Liberty, everything looked great and had a blast.
After a long time organizing, those on the committee stayed after and helped to clean up. I don't think Bethany minded one bit..from the smile on her face you can tell she had a great night

Friday, April 9, 2010

I am in a Blue mood

This week I found out what Becky and Jeff were going to have...a little baby BOY. Jeff was super excited. He had told Becky all along that they were having a boy and he couldn't wait to take this little guy fishing and camping and all sorts of boyish things. Becky on the other hand was hoping for a girl. Once she saw her new little baby on the 3D ultrasound and saw how cute he was she fell in love with him. She told me that a couple of weeks ago she had a dream of a cute little baby boy and was convinced that Jeff was right, they were going to have a boy. Sometime in August little Ryan Louis Boudrero should make his arrival into this world. What exciting news! Becoming a Gramma certainly feels different than I thought it would. First off, I never really knew how it would feel or thought about when it would happen. I guess it's like having your own first child...the emotions catch you off guard and you are filled with excitement for this new little life.

What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails,
That's what little boys are made of.

Monday, March 1, 2010

An Early Spring in Oregon

While the East Coast is being pounded with 6 weeks more of Winter that Punxsutawney Phil promised, I for one am glad that here in Oregon we are enjoying tempertures in the 50's with sunny days and blue skies. The cherry blossoms are blooming as well as some other white blossoms on the trees. Dafodils and crocus are popping up everywhere. I love it!
Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I guess it's because everything comes back to life. The trees begin to show their buds, the weeping willow always seems to be the first tree that slowly changes to green and then the other trees follow suit. The flowers, the blossoms on the trees, the singing of birds...all signs that winter is nearly over and that Spring is approaching. Even if our Spring is a little early this year, it's okay by me!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm going to be a Gramma

I am going to be a Gramma this year. Becky and Jeff are expecting a baby sometime in August. When I told Bryan this he told me "Mom, you won't be a Mom anymore, you will be a Gramma only." I don't know about you but the transition and the circle of life that comes to you when you are about to hit this milestone hasn't quite sunk in with me yet.
Me, A Gramma? It is exciting and all and yet the only wish I had is that I would live closer to this new grand baby. An 11 hour car drive will have to do but that also means I won't get to see this little tyke very often. Needless to say, I didn't receive ANY sympathy from my Mom. She reminded me that I was here in Oregon when I had her first 2 grand kids and she in Pennsylvania.
I am hoping that my daughter will be okay letting us use a web cam so that we can visit via the net and see her baby when we are not around and will be able to see the changes that this new little one will have.
I remember when I first became pregnant with my first child, Becky. I remember the fear that came over me for a while. I was never a parent, what was I going to do? What if I messed up or something? It is and was an overwhelming feeling. And yet even still with all that there was a calmness and excitement to know that we would soon have a little life in our family. I am sure that Becky and Jeff are feeling that same way right now. It is definitely life altering but one of the best gifts you can ever have.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Family Newsletter of 2009

As the song goes “another year has gone by” I find myself reflecting. 2009 brought us great joy, sadness and thankfulness for the many blessings that we have shared with family and friends.

Becky made a change in her last name in September when she married Jeff Boudrero. Jeff and Becky began dating last fall and both Wes and I had a feeling right off the bat that this relationship was something special. They are both “adjusting” to married life as newlyweds and moving on with school and jobs. Becky will start up at Utah State and plans to try to take classes in speech and audiology. We are glad to have Jeff as our son in law. They make a cute couple.

Robbie came home last August from Honduras and then in January headed off to Rexburg, Idaho aka BYU-Idaho for school. He attended classes for 2 semesters and is now taking a year break, working and living in Logan, Utah, near Becky. He works at a place that sells and fixes dirt bikes and quads. Right up his alley. He loves it. He has plans to take a trip to Honduras this up coming June if he can work it out.

Sean has hit the “hump” of his mission in Germany. He has been there a year this week. It’s hard to believe how fast this year has gone. He loves Germany and the culture there. His German language is coming along great. He has been in Krefeld, Dusseldorf, Langen and now Kaiserslautern. K Town as he calls it. He thinks it’s a beautiful town and reminds him a lot of Pennsylvania. I know this next year will fly for him!

Bethany is a sophomore in HS. This year has been a bit more challenging as she decided to take an AP European History Class. After the first couple of weeks she wasn’t too sure she wanted to stick with it but so far she’s doing well and learning a lot more than she would have learned in a typical history class. She has taken German and is learning fast to speak Deustch. She wants to be able to converse with both Sean as well as Becky. Bethany continues to take tap and jazz classes and enjoys going on dates. She loves music and it’s great to hear her sing. She was 16 in July and is seeking to get her permit here soon.

Bryan has blossomed this year at middle school. He decided that he wanted to join the 7th grade choir and it has been great for him! He loves to sing and really enjoys being with other kids who love to sing. He is better adjusted to middle school life and is retaining more of what he learns and his reading is improving as well. He has become quite independent about his homework. We don’t even have to ask him to do it! Amazing! Bryan recently celebrated his 14th birthday

Thankfully Wes still has a job at Thomson Group. With companies laying of or closing doors left and right we are praying that Wes’ job holds and that he will be able to continue working and contributing to the high tech world. I have been volunteering at all schools and am trying to work my way into a job as an aide in one of the autism classrooms at the grade school near our home. There is a hiring freeze on jobs so I figure if I volunteer enough I may get a shot one day!
This past summer we made a trip to Pennsylvania. We were lucky to find airline tickets for under $200. A steal! We traveled to Hershey Pa and then off to Ohio to visit Kirtland and Cedar Point. 2 places that we had wanted to go to for a long time.

After leaving Ohio we headed back to Pennsylvania and went to Bradford to visit with my Mom and Dad and other family members. It was great to see everyone. Mom organized a McAndrew Clan reunion. It was held up to Bingham and everyone there had a nice time. Later that day I attended my 30th class reunion. Hard to believe 30 years! I remember my Dad going to his 30th and thinking “he’s so old” now it was hitting me in the face. It is amazing how the years fly.

We left Bradford on August 20th to head back home to Oregon. I am so grateful for the days I had with my Mom and Dad. Never would I have guessed when I said goodbye to my parents that it would be the last time I would see my Dad alive. Dad had had surgery on his neck in early August and we all thought he was going to recover and be fine. But it wasn’t to be. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure on September 20th and not even a month later he was gone.

I was able to get home the day that Dad died. October 17th…one of the longest days in my life. As I traveled on the plane, on a flight that I knew one day I would have to make my heart ached and I was saddened. I began to think of the wonderful man he was, the wonderful father and grandfather he was and more importantly what a great friend he was to all of us. I miss him dearly and miss hearing him talk, laugh, sing, etc. Many people have fathers but it takes some one special to be a great Dad. I am thankful and feel blessed that Dad was with us for 78 years. He made me laugh and smile and showed me how to do more and be more.

As this year draws to a close I think of the little things I can do to better be like my Dad. Saying hi to the person at the store, asking how someone is doing, give that person a great smile. Things I will always think about when I think of Dad.(not that I didn’t do these things but that I want to try and do them even more)
We hope this Christmas finds you happy and thankful for all that you have. For blessings of family, friends and fond memories.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2010,