Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Wes

I'm a bit behind on posting this but on Thursday Wes celebrated his birthday. I can't believe I'm married to such an old man! Just kidding :) Wes and I have been together now since 1983 and I wouldn't have it any other way. He is great husband,a great dad and a great friend. Happy Birthday Wes...I love you :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Special Ed. Field Day 2009

I just returned from the annual field day for special ed. kids throughout the district. I prayed that it wouldn't has been so nice but suddenly became cold last night and the skies looked abit unsure but finally the sun came out and all involved were able to enjoy field day. This year field day was held at Aloha HS..the school along with the volunteer student were AMAZING! I must say, I am bias as I have already had 3 kids graduate from Aloha with a fourth one attending there now. Seriously though, they did a great job. There were games on the field such as soccor, ball toss, crochet, bean bag toss, bowling as well as track and other events.
I don't know why but each year Bryan HATES to run the 100m! He absolutely despises it! Bryan is really fast at running and usually beats most scouts when they practice the mile. His PE teacher at school has even told us that he should take up cross country and that he would be great at running. Well...whether it's his autism and he gets overwhelmed with the crowds of people or something I just can't figure.
Bryan loved seeing his former aides, Kathleen and Michelle. We were lucky to have Kathleen be Bryan's aide in grade school for 3 years and then Michelle was his aide for 2 years. Bryan is now in a self-contained classroom setting with only 6 boys and his teacher Aki Mori. Field Day was a nice break from the norm of school. All kids, volunteers, teachers, aides and parents had a great time and we were thankful that the rain didn't let loose until everything was over!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Robbie and Mikal: Good Buddies

On Saturday I had the chance to help out a friend with her son's wedding reception. My son Robbie was there to stand in as the best man to his friend Mikal. Robbie and Mike have been friends since the day the Healey family moved into our Ward when Robbie was 8 almost 9. They were instant friends and many times got into some "sticky" situations" but overall they always had some good clean fun. Some have said that the 2 of them were a bit wild, others have confused their love of life with immaturity..and at times they were a bit immature :) I remember many times when both Mike and Robbie would have this "evil eye" look and I just had to think..."okay what are they up to now?" In the end I usually found myself laughing about things they would do. I have always loved their spark and energy for life! It's great!
Friends are those who stand by you through thick and thin and that is how Mike and Robbie are. I am thankful for their friendship and I really believe people are placed in others lives so they can both learn from, strengthen, help and grow together. On Saturday Robbie did just that...he stood by his friend Mike as Mike married Katie, his girlfriend of 3+ years. Good buddies are one of life's greatest gifts

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle: A wake up call on judging

A few days ago I saw a video clip of a woman from the UK. I am sure you have all heard of her by now. Susan Boyle. She is 47 years of age, nearly 48. For all of us who saw this woman prior to her singing perhaps we made judgements about how she looked, how she acted or how she dressed. When she began to sing "I dreamed a dream" from Les Miserables she blew me away as I am sure she blew most everyone away who heard her sing.
One of the judges who listened to her told her it was a privilege for her to be able to here Susan sing. I felt that same way. This same judge went on to say that it was a "wake up call".
Since hearing this woman sing I have thought about the times I have made a judgement or opinion of someone or something prior to knowing all I could know about someone. Susan Boyle represents a reminder to me that we should not rush to judge, but rather sit back, listen and understand. She is a wake up call to all of us in a world that has become obsessed with beauty, perfect figures, acceptance and so forth. I must admit prior to hearing this woman sing I thought "boy does that woman need to wax her eyebrows and she needs to do something with her hair"...I hadn't even got to her clothing! I wanted to simply share my feelings on this woman with the angelic voice and hope that from now on I will make a better effort each day to keep an open mind, to not judge on looks alone, to really understand the meaning of "beauty is more than skin deep". That I might look upon the hearts of those I meet and get to know them and love them.
If for some reason you have not seen Susan Boyle sing yet bet sure and check it out on youtube. She's simply amazing

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt and Family Times Together

Easter Weekend is here. When I was young I recall my Mom would decorate our home with flowers, baskets full of plastic eggs, and other symbols that represented Easter. It is a time to unite with family and friends and to better reflect why we celebrate this time. On a personal note I am glad that Robbie could be here this weekend. The past 2 Easters he was in Honduras and it wasn't quite the same without him here. Each weekend of Easter the Vial family in our Ward throws a wonderful get together for young and old a like. Little kids love hunting for Easter eggs and the teenagers get together and chat. Adults catch up on how others are doing...all and all it's a great event. It's so nice of Rich and Paula to share their land with so many for one day. Everyone has a great time.
Later in the day Bethany and Bryan had fun decorating eggs and getting their Easter baskets. They still love for Wes to hide their baskets...even though Bethany is 15, almost 16, she enjoys hunting for it.
This year Bethany will be singing in the Church choir for the Easter program. She has a beautiful voice and enjoys singing. She along with many in the Ward have prepared for this and we look forward to hearing them sing.
I am thankful for this time of year that draws families and friends close together. For trying to better understand the sacrifice that Jesus made on all of our behalves.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Photos of Dad and Grandkids

This is how my Dad looks today. The photo of my Mom and Dad with their grandkids was taken on August 14th 2004. Their 50th wedding anniversary.

Oh my Papa; to me you are so Wonderful

This coming week my Dad will celebrate his 78th birthday. Wow...I can't believe my Dad will be that YOUNG! I love my Father so very much and feel blessed that he is MY Dad...well, I have to share him with my 2 sisters and brother...but that's okay :) I have so many good memories of my father as a child. I guess the greatest thing I can say about my Dad is that he always had time for us kids. My brother Joe played baseball each Spring and football each Autumn. I remember nearly EVERY night after dinner my Dad going outside with Joe and practicing throwing the baseball or the football. I am sure they had some great talks during this time and as I look back I realize how priceless this was for my brother to feel that Dad cared about him and Joe's love grew for Dad.
My Sisters and I also felt that Dad gave so much of himself for us. He played with us, danced through the house with us..even pulling a ballet move once..that was kick. One night as my parents were getting ready to go square dancing Dad went up to shave. My sister and I gathered around him in the bathroom, rubbed shaving cream on our faces, took the opposite end of our toothbrush and pretended to shave along with Dad. Dad would usually be singing as he shaved. Dad has a wonderful baratone voice. My Dad was greating at tucking us into bed each night. You see he didn't just kiss us or hug had to get a kiss, a hug, a raspberry, a squeeze and sometimes a tickle. It was great! I guess my sisters and I felt like we had our Dad wrapped around our fingers. He didn't spoil us but he loved us..and for that I have always been grateful.
Growing up we didn't have a lot and there were many times when my Dad would get laid off of work and my Mom would be the only one with a job. Even then however Dad would work odd jobs anywhere he could to help support his family. He didn't want a handout and he wanted to do all he could to be a good role model to us kids about working and doing your best. I remember when my Dad finally got a good job that he was able to keep until he retired. He earned it..that's for sure!
Even now as I think of my Dad as an older man and when I see how he is around us grown up kids and his grandkids I am thankful for the love he shows and his caring for each of us. When I went to Ireland with my parents in 2003 and was able to spend that one on one time with the both of them it was fantastic. My Dad has a great sense of humor, he cares about others and he loves our Mom. I am thankful for his wonderful example to me and thankful that Heavenly Father gave my Father to me... Happy Birthday Dad!! I love you!