Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Spring 2014 update on us all

The past few months have zipped by SO fast.  Many things have happened since I last posted on here.  Bethany is on the down spiral of her mission.  Crazy to think, but she has less than 7 months to go!  Last year at this time, she was still attending LDS Business in Salt Lake and awaiting to enter the MTC on April 24th.  I can't get over how quickly her mission time has gone.  She has been fortunate to only have waited 1 transfer for her visa to Brasil. 
Many, many missionaries are still awaiting stateside for their visas to come and some have been given the option to stay in the areas they have been reassigned to.  Especially Sister Missionaries in that their mission is shorter than Elders.  Anyways, with that said, Bethany will be home in mid October.  Crazy! 

Robbie and Tessa are doing well and adjusting to life as parents.  Their little Duke is 3 and half months old already!  He is sure a sweetie pie.  I watched him for them on Friday so they could pack up their stuff and move once again.  Their townhome they had been living in was being sold, so they moved in with Tessa's folks until they can find a place to buy.  That is their hope.  They are hoping that happens within the next few months.

Becky and Jeff are expecting their 2nd little boy in June.  They chose a name for him and now are working on a middle name.  If he is anything like his big brother, he will be a cutie pie too.  Ryan is 3 and 1/2 and has changed so much just since we saw him  last.  I love being able to do Face Time with him with my I PAD.  That is one facet of technology that is wonderful.  Especially when you have family SO far away. 

Sean is still plugging away at the Y and working at the MTC.  He has a little over a year left at school.  The time for him has gone fast too.  I tease him every now and then to see if he's found  someone "special" to date and the answer is always "no".  I figure he'll meet her when the time is right.  He's doing well.

Bryan has LOVED his junior year of HS.  I can't believe he's nearly done with school.   It just seems like yesterday we had him in Pre School and then talked about kindergarten and what would be best for him with his autism.  The years truly have flown.

Wes and I purchased our home just over 20 years ago.  We are having some work on the external part of the house done.  New siding, painting, a new roof and a porch/cover area that will cover the back patio area.  I'm SO excited for it to get done. 

We have had gobs of rain the last several days with rain being expected for most of this week.  I would love to see the paint go on, if only we can get a patch of dry days, that would be great!  The same with the roof, we'll need some dry days to help get that finished as well. 

I am heading to Salt Lake on Thursday for a few short days.  I'll be there for Conference and also to see my dear friend Elizabeth.  We have not seen each other in 30 years!  That is a LONG time!  We have talked, written letters, kept in touch via other means, but not seen one another in a long, long time.  I am looking forward to seeing her after all this time. 

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