Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bethany's 20th Birthday Gift...She flies to Brazil!

Bethany's visa has arrived and she is heading to Brazil!  YAY!  I know she is super excited.  She will fly out on July 1st, her 20th birthday.  It will be a LONG day for her.  She leaves Pocatello Idaho via bus at 7am.  She then flies out of the Salt Lake with a direct flight to Atlanta Georgia.  She'll have a layover there for a few hours.  By the time her plane takes off and when she gets to Sao Paulo, Brazil it will be the morning of July 2nd.   She then will take a bus to Campinas and meet her mission President and his wife.  She will be one tired chicka :)

She had hoped to be able to go directly to Brazil from the beginning but I know she wouldn't have had it any other way now.  She loved her stay at the Provo MTC and the friends she made there.  Plus she was able to see her brother who works there and have lunch with him nearly every week.  In Idaho, she was able to see good friends and make many new friends.  It was a good experience for her.  I am glad she didn't stay too long.  She was worrying about losing the Portuguese she had gained while at the MTC.  Not too many people speak Portuguese in Idaho :)

I'm so proud of her and her decision to serve a mission.  It was by no means a easy decision, but, she did as she felt prompted and I admire her for it.  I do know she will be greatly blessed.  I also know that she will have many hard times as a missionary.  With all of it, she will grow in so many ways.  I hope and pray that her companions that she serves with all get along with her and she with them.  That is huge in missionary work! 

Bethany would often say as  "I can't wait for this.. it's going to be the best ever"  Well Bethany, aka Sister have waited and YOU are going to make it the BEST ever!  I love you SO much and am so proud of you.

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