Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy 20th Birthday to my littlest Angel

Bethany was supposed to be heading to Brazil today BUT, since she
would have had to travel on her own the Church decided to keep her in Pocatello for a complete transfer. (6 weeks).  I am TOTALLY okay with that!  I know she will do fine once she gets to Brazil, but there is something about having one of my children out of the country and farther away from me
.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that she is going to Brazil and I know she will do great, but I would be lying if I didn’t say how much I miss my baby girl.

It has been really nice for Bethany to spend time in Pocatello.  We know SO many people who are either from there or who live there now.  The Bangerters, good friends of ours who lived in our Ward for a LONG time, moved to Pocatello about 6 years ago.  Bethany is serving in their Ward!  That has been a tender mercy and Tracy and Bart have made sure to do extra special things for her, especially today, with it being Bethany’s birthday.  On Saturday evening they invited Bethany and her companions to their place.   Their whole family and their band were there  to wish Bethany a happy birthday.  Tracy made cupcakes and decorated for her and even bought her a little gift.  Truly a tender mercy.  Bethany will never forget this.  Nor will I.  True friends are great blessings.

I can’t believe Bethany is 20! I am so pleased with her and her decisions she is making in her life.  She is one of the younger missionaries serving.  She put her papers in last October, just 3 months after her 19th birthday and got her call in November.  Brazilian missions require visas so she had to wait 5 months to enter the MTC.  Her visa never came so she went to the Provo MTC for 6 weeks. By the time she does leave for Brazil she will have already been on her mission 3 months!  Crazy or what?!  She will have 15 months in Brazil.  It doesn’t sound like much time and I am sure she will wish, just as her sister and brothers did, that she could stay there a little longer. 

I am thankful for her this day, remembering 20 years ago at the hospital and giving birth to her.  Not knowing then, who she would become, just knowing how beautiful she was and how happy we were to have another little girl.  She has grown into a beautiful woman and one who can be looked to with respect because of the good choices she has made and continues to make.  Happy Birthday sugar!  I love you SO very much J



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